​​​SoulCollage card

in honor of Seena Frost

1932 - 2016

Are you looking for a creative and satisfying way to express yourself? Do you want to access your inner wisdom? Are you hoping to gain insight into a specific challenge in your life? Does the concept of playing with paper, scissors and glue to create a meaningful piece of personal art appeal to you? SoulCollage is a simple yet powerful medium for contacting your instinctual potential.

A client in my Boulder, Colorado office told me about SoulCollage. I knew it was a process I needed to explore.

As a kid, I have always loved the excitement of making a collage, the endless possibilities provided by a wealth of images from magazines, calendars, photos and greeting cards. When I was in my 30’s, I rediscovered the joy of collage, renamed "vision boards,” and began to use the medium as a way of imaging my future. For several years I created a new vision board in January as a visual way of establishing my New Year's resolutions, the images reminding me to eat well, walk more and count my blessings.

SoulCollage is a re-imagination of this genre with the intent of using the process to reveal the deep, rich material of our soul. The fun of consciously creating the card is joined with the mystery of what the card will reveal. When the card is completed, we enter into dialogue with the card to discover what the quiet voice within is trying to tell us.

SoulCollage was born in the 1980’s by Seena Frost, Frost who referred to herself as the midwife of SoulCollage, remembers, “It was a time when I was immersed in world myths and archetypal psychology, and I was exploring various spiritual paths. I was also practicing psychotherapy in my professional practice. The card making process evolved over time with the aid of many women in my therapy groups. As they made their powerful, personal cards, shared them with each other and consulted them, we discovered the transforming possibilities of these images.”

I am repeatedly impressed by the strength and wisdom of SoulCollage. If this process appeals to you, please contact me or visit  www.soulcollage.com

Note: The image above is a SoulCollage card I made in honor of Seena Frost after her death in January 2016. Sadly, I never met Seena but I know she was a bright light and a gift to the world. She is greatly missed.


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